24 7 / 2012

you and your longtime BF ray were chillin in yall room watchin TV.it was raining out side.You, bored as ever, decided to say something


ray:yea wassup

you:im bored :(

ray:go do something

you:*fustrated*idk what to do

ray:wanna go out side *evil smile*

you:HELL NO ! i just got my weave done boy*run your fingers through yo hair* and i AINT finna get it wet

ray:weeeeell :)

you:well i want to play a game

ray:*sits up* like what

you: :D hide and go seek !

ray:…… *bust out laughing*


ray:*giggling*oh you serious

you:as hell

ray:but im old enough to be playin that with my own kid

you:so you wanna have kids

ray:NOOOO i aint say that,well not now

you:RAY your making me sad, play with me

ray:ugh w.e

You:ok….123 NOT IT

ray:AAAAYE NO FAIR . you cheated

you:nuh uh your it baby

ray:no im not -_-

you:well i dont wanna play*turns your back on him and pouts*

ray:fine then whatever idc…….*peeks over at you* blaah OK im it

you:jumps up*yay! ok ount to 10 and no peekin either

ray:ok ok

you:*runs to the door*


you:*mumbles*fuck -_-*walks back in*

ray:we have to have a thingy thingy

you:TF you talkin bout ?

ray:you know , like if i win you do such an such

you:oooh ok if i win you be it first everytime we play

ray:cool . buuut if i win you gotta….. tbc-maya. im the new coco(co-owner)

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