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YOUVE knowd roc royal for 2 in a half years know. You coming home from WORK thinking about roc royal and and when can you see him again. And then you get a text from ROCROYAL .Saying that his in your house waiting for you . You just get wet by the mean of the the word waiting for you. Then you hurry up and out the car take out the keys then put it in the door and just by the forse of you putting the keys the door was all ready open ad you yank out the keys from the door and then there roc sitting on the  stairs .You looking adt him while his licking his lips and and all want to say is roc i want you know but you keep it all in

You then head to the kitchen he follows you bend ova to get you a snack so you can tease but knowing your going to give it up either way it go so you get up he`s behind you he puts he`s hands around your waist  you then take him upstairs for eeven more then bending ova

Yall adt your room and you close the door . YOU RIPES HIS SHIRT and he likes it and he thinking inhis head wow she fisty ova me  so he picks you and throw you on the bed and

He throws you on the bed and he climbs on top of you and you and him are face to face now he kisses you. you lick his lips and he says DAMN I MISS YO KINKY ASS you laugh and kisses him and then you take off his ripped shirt then you take off all your clothes then he says wait let me help he takes off your pants then you lay on the bed leaving yourself in only panties and bra he rubs his index finger between your legs feeling the wetness so at that time he knew that he was gonna tease you and knowing that he was gonna make you beg for it .He then take off your panties he then takes off your bra leaving you naked he then kisses you on your lips and licking down to your belly button.he stop and look at you and smile your thinking why he stop you look down and see himm smileing at you you smile back he put his finger in you and you laid your head. he then started go going fast then faster ,and you yelled FASTER while pulling on the sheets he go slower.he stop fingering you and then he started eating you out . you moaned out UMMMMMMMMMMMMM ROC…………………..ROYAL and laughed alittle . he looks you and sees that you enjoy it that when he stop and picks you up he pins you up to the wall holding you by your arms you can his feel his hard rocky dick poking  you.He takes it out his polo draws and rubbing it against your leg and you yelled PUT IT IN NOW ROC you demand he whisper in your ear FISTY I LKIE and you replied back KINKY AND ROUGH I LIKE  you both laugh.He lays you on your back he puts in slowly and gently.

You started to moan but you kept it in so in and out as he do he sees that you have your eyes closed. he comes down to your ear and say its ok i know you missed me im gonna be here 4 at lease a month .so you did not anwser so he stop and say BABE you reply I HEAR YOU BABE JUST KEEP GOING PLEASE so as he continue you moaned out loud FASTER he goes really fast to where his ball sack is hitting your butt cheaks your head board is hitting the wall pussy is getting wetter you sream IM ABOUT TO CUM ROCCCC UMMMMMMMH UHHHHH


———————————-                                        ————————————



you replyed DONT ANSWER IT JUST KEEP GOING so he did then rayray his girlfriend press to reply roc……………… reeree………………… i know yall hear me

roc stops and says GO DOWN THERE AND ANSWER DOOR AND THEY ASK FOR ME TELL THEM IM IN THE SHOWER he kisses you on the lips and you just looking like :| and your head your like FUCK YOU RAYRAY.and downstairs hes like I HEARD THAT cause your hand was on the buzzer while getting out the bed you replied SRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRY I DID NOT MEAN IT roc in the background and yelled out YES YOU DID .


your dressed and you go down stair. HEY RAYRAY :|HEY SISTER.hey weres roc at .HIS UP STAIRS IN THE SHOWER. rere im right here. ohh i know but um.you stop cause rayray kisses your sister. you replied GET A ROOM.he says OK COME ON LETS GO TO THE GEUSS ROOM BABE.you replied AND DONT BE DOING THE NASTY rayray said WATEVA WE GROWN IN THE BLEEPPPPPPPPPPPP*.you go you there stairs the door bell ring you said UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH MTFUS CAN BE REALLY ANNYOING. prodigy said I HEARD THAT .you said I DID NOT MEAN IT .rayray siad YES YOU DID . you get the door. hey prod :| hey step sister .she said hey wheres roc umUP STAIRS .YN im right here . oohh i know  but yall can go in the living room if yall want .prod said cool they went to living room started to watch tv.Spongebob at that then you run up the stairs so fast that you almost fall on the second first stair so as yuu almost fall you can hear prodigy laughing at you and you yelled SHUT UP PROD I COULD`VE BROKE MY NECK and he replied  YEA BROKE THAT NECK FOR ROC HAHAHAHH.so you went to the bedroom that you and roc was at wen you guys wer doing the nasty .so you plopped on the bed then you reach over to your cellphone you have 7 missed calls and 3 messages from pricneton who which was you other cuddy buddy but the mindless behavior group been together for 7 years now and you wer tourn by the 2 and pricneton know that you and pricneton wer cuddy buddies on the side but it was an secert between the to of you but at the same time you had an boyfriend roc he had girlfriend amy but she no good to him any ways.


We were an BAR-B-Q (*lmao shots were playing*) and me of course getting tipsy shots then roc grabs your arm said STOP DRINKING CUS WE HAVE UNFINSHED BUSINESS TONIGHT.you smiled and replied saying i want deep inside me tonight and toware words cant explain how deep you are in me.he laugh then your wish will be comanded you look him in the eyes and said to yourself what would i do with out him. so you said ill be right back ima use the ladies room thenhe kiss you so heavy that lips were push against your teeth okk he replied letting your arm go as you walk away you out the corner of your eye and roc looking at you fat ass you turned around and said stop looking at my booty he replied IMA SEE IT WITHOUT clothes ANYWAYS you bite your bottom lip and walked away you were in the house now in the hallway as you wer 2 rooms away from the bathroom you hear princeton moaning as you crack the door as you see amy on top of him.

amy moaning as princeton turning her while his on top now so i jus let them be so as you went to bathroom 3minuts later your tipsy ass comes out of the bathroom you hear some1 crying you walk down the hall it was from the room you peeked in and you see princeton there crying out his you walk over to him patting him on his back he then get up then puts on his clothes as he get up you see his doctor loon it pretty fat and long but you turn you head but in your head you said he nower near as big roc  roc was about 9 inches total but we wer only 15 so you kno they was gonna grow even bigger and so was princeton but was about 7 in half inches.

you wer so tipsy that you got up and walking out of the room almost falling ever 2 steps and then you finally fall princeton had catch you he look you deep in your  eyes he then kiss you lightly you then kiss him back then he laid you down softly kiss you from lips to your pussy  he thenn lifts your dress up and started to eat you out you moan solftly 7 minuts later he sticks his friend inside you it did not hurt cus roc already pop your cherry he started slow then he picks up his past faster you moaned 30 minuts later he wit 10 more strokes you came on him 7 more strokes he came in the condom.

your phone rings its roc you tell princeton to get off of you you get up and pull down your dress and you answer it hey baby

roc:were you at its been 33 minuts since ive saw you

you:im down stairs wer drinks are at

roc:i told to keep away from them shots

you:okokok im sorry here i come be standing outside im ready to go home

roc:my house or yours

you:i geuss yours babe and you mite want to hurry in about 4 more hours ima be knocked out



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